Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dumb it down, so it can be understood. Part 1

This is the attitude of a large number of evangelicals out there. No they won't say it out loud, but their actions say it for them. This isn't a new problem, no it's been brewing for over a hundred years. In the final years of Spurgeon's life, he dealt with what he called the "down-grade" of the gospel. A move away from a Biblical view to a more liberal worldly way to look at Christ. From the "Gap Theory" and "swoon theory", all the way to today with the idea of God not being mad about your sin. Out of fear from the outside world, the church has moved from it's 1st century roots of dying for the truth to perverting truth so not to offend; nobody knows what the truth is anymore. To borrow a line from one of my favorite movies, church "you've lost that lovin' feeling".
The first truth I want to get out to all you readers is this. The church is not for lost people. The church is for believers. Now, am I against the lost coming to church? No of course not, but I am against it being the only away evangelism is carried out. Today we invite so the pastor can share. The great commission is for all believers to carry out, and it says for us to "go out" not bring in the lost. Church use to be where followers of Christ would come together and praise God corporately, thanking Him for how He takes care of His children. Then they would go out and evangelise the lost. Today we have "seeker friendly" and "seeker sensitive" churches that ask the question, why don't you come to church and get rid of anything that person says so they can feel more comfortable. Man does not need to be comforted, man needs the Gospel. And sooner the church figures this out, the better everyone will be, including the lost. The whole idea of being "seeker friendly" is un-Biblical. The lost are not seeking Him. They are his enemy, they are God haters, they are lovers of self. Romans 3:11 says "no one understands; no one seeks after God". There is only One seeker and He isn't your neighbor or they guy who you work with; the only seeker is God.

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