Thursday, May 14, 2009

getting my feet wet

OK, the last time I had a blog, it was not very well received by some in the Christian circle of influence around me. So I deleted that account. Well I'm back, baby. Ha Ha, all kidding aside, I wanted to start a new blog to share things I am passionate about, ideas and thoughts that pop into my head (buckle up readers), and anything else that tickles my fancy. Some things I say might make you laugh, some might make you mad. I will probably confuse some of you out there with my rabbit chasing and sarcasm. I want to above all else bring honor, and glory to the only one who is worthy of all glory and that is Christ. So call me on anything I say that grieves His spirit. I will begin by posting a video of one of my Favorite Pastors who speaks truth from scripture.


Misty said...

Looking forward to your posts!!!

Crystal said...

Don't let this blog die!!!